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Planika Net Zero Warranty

Planikaā€™s products are under 2 year warranty from the moment of delivering them to the customer. The warranty comprises possible hidden structural or material defects, hidden damage of electronic parts revealed during proper utilisation. The warranty does not comprise damage that occurs because of userā€™s faulty exploitation.

The warranty is given on condition that the user restricts all the assembly and utilization rules that are included in the userā€™s manual attached to each product. All Planika indoor or outdoor ethanol products in Australia must only use odourless fuel from or a 94%-96% ethanol fuel only. This Net Zero Emission / Net-0 Fireplace Fuel manufacturer guarantees this fuel to be methanol, MIBK, Bitrex and hydrabcarbon free. Use of any other fuel will corrode burner/automatic fuel line and void your warranty.

The warranty is also given on the condition that Planika outdoor gas fireplaces are installed as per the instruction manual, and a compliance certificate is supplied prior to a service technician being engaged.

All service & warranty bookings for Planika Net Zero Fireplace products are to be made via


A deposit of $260 inc GST will be held via credit card on behalf of the service agent and returned once the job has been completed as an approved Planika Net Zero warranty covered repair


If the required fix is not a warranty covered then a quote will be supplied by the service agent and if accepted the $260 in GST will be deducted or the difference credited back to you if required. If the quote is not accepted the $260 inc GST will be refunded less the cost of the Service Agents initial callout expense.

  • The Producer does not consider any damage that occurs due to faulty exploitation of the Product.
  • The Producer does not consider any damage that occurs due to non-compliant or incorrect installation as per the installation manual requirements on all Planika products.
  • The warranty does not comprise accessories that are sent with the Product. (Including Glass)
  • Every attempt to repair the Product on oneā€™s own or to undo the seal effects in losing the warranty.
  • All the repairs are to be carried out in the Producerā€™s headquarters (except for the instances on which the Producer agreed to be conducted on-site).
  • The warranty does not comprise any changes or discolouration that occur as the effect of normal exploitation.
  • Delivering the filled in warranty form together with the receipt/invoice will be the basis for considering the complaint.
  • The warranty does not comprise fortuitous events that are independent of exploitation conditions (floods, fires etc.)
  • The original package must be retained.
  • In case of lodging a complaint and sending the Product it must be secured against any possible damage. All the fuel must be pumped out from the reservoir and the device must be packed into the original package (in which it was purchased) then send to the Producer (address given below) on the latterā€™s cost:
    Heating Home Improvement Group Pty Ltd, 1-5 Felstead Drive, Truganina, VIC 3029
  • If the complaint is not accepted the Purchaser is to bear the repair and transport costs.
  • The Purchaser is responsible for securing the Product against any damage during its transport to the distributor.
  • The Producer is obliged to give the Purchaser a written answer within 30 days from the moment of lodging a complaint by the Purchaser.
  • The Producer does not ensure any replacement product for the time of repair. The warranty is given on condition that the Purchaser carefully reads the manual and restricts all the assembly and installation.



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